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Don’t Hire A Roofing Contractor, Who Doesn’t Meet These Requirements

Are you planning on hiring a roofing contractor to replace your old roof? But before you do, there are a few things you need to look for. Unfortunately, not all roofing companies are created equal, and if you don’t know what to look for, you could end up with someone who does more damage than good.

In this blog post, JB Commercial Roofing LLC will discuss the criteria you should use to evaluate potential roof contractors and make sure you get the best possible service!

Prepare Potential Local Contractors:

Don’t go with the first contractor you look for online who gives you a reasonable quotation. Compile a list of up to 10 contractors you want to learn more about in your region. Then, using clear criteria, cut down your list. Disregard the contractors with a poor rating, negative customer feedback, and a price quote without seeing your property.

Check the License:

Most states don’t require roofers to be licensed. However, an unlicensed contractor might create issues; they might be unaware of the local roofing requirements and standards. You will have a deal with the authorities if they build a roof that is not according to the local regulations.

Licensing also confirms the validity of a contractor. Before hiring a contractor, always get evidence of license.

Check Your Budget:

When choosing a roofer, your financial situation is generally a big concern. Investigate the market for current prices and consider this range as a reference when selecting a contractor. Don’t go for the cheapest choice; cheap is usually costly in the long term.

Ask For an Estimate And an Inspection:

 Ask the roofing contractors you’ve narrowed down to come out and give you an estimate for their services. As they walk throughout your house, keep an eye on them. A professional roofer will check the outside and inside of your roof, including the gutters. You’ll better understand which roofer you like when you get the inspection.

Check The Insurance:

A roofing job is typically time-consuming and risky. You don’t want to lose any extra money because of injury cases or damages. Work with a contractor who is insured. Their insurance should include the whole job, including supplies for the roof. It should also cover all personnel involved in the roofing project.


Looking for a roofing contractor may appear simple, but it should be approached with caution. Take your time evaluating the roofer and gathering references so you can pick the finest contractor for the job.

You can choose JB Commercial Roofing LLC. We have worked with hundreds of property owners in Cleveland, Ohio, over our 4+ years of roofing experience and helped them save costs with our robust, energy-efficient, and ecologically responsible services.

Our team will work to find the best – and most cost-effective – option for your needs. Get a free estimate for your roofing needs.